Saturday, 31 December 2011


First time i heard the word marimo is from the one piece manga, Roronoa Zoro that was called MARIMO because of his green hair.

Then I started to take interest about marimo, and learn about it. Today I just bought my first marimo at The Curve.
                           I bought it around RM15

about MARIMO


Marimo (literally 'ball seaweed'), also known as Cladophra ball, Lake ball or Moss balls in English, is a spesies of filamentous green algae found in a number of lakes in northen hemisphere. A marimo is a rare growth from the species where the algae grow into large green ball with a velvety appearance. Colonies of such balls are only known to form in Iceland, Scotland, Japan and Estonia.


So how to rear mario?
The main element for marimo to survive is water. Marimo will absorb carbon dioxide and photon from a light source in order to perform photosynthesis for their food production and to produce oxygen as the waste of the process. this basically the same as any typical plant. Taking care of your marimo with lots of love will boost  the growth of it!

What light source do I need to provide for my marimo?
Any artificial light source are sufficient for it to perform photosynthesis. Please take note that you should not let the marimo be exposed under direct sunlight as this will kill your marimo!

Can I use pipe water to rear marimo?
Marimo is under the species of cladophora aegagropila moss ball. Therefore, you can use direct pipe water to rear them. You may change the water once every 2-4 weeks. Lowering the temperature of the water will boost the growth of your marimo. The typical sustainable temperature for marimo is about 30 degree celcius.

What should I do when changing water?
Gently massage the marimo and spueeze out the dirty water inside the marimo. Rub the marimo into a round shape and put it back into fresh water.

Do I need to feed my marimo?
Yes!! Please feed your marimo with love.

Can I keep fish with marimo?
Of course, please take note that you should feed your fish as usual to avoid your marimo becoming the 'buffet'   
for your fish!

Why does my marimo change colour?
The mixture of elements and bacteria in the water will trap on the surface of marimo. Take your marimo out and gently wash them under running water to clean the dirt. If your marimo turns black/brownish, I am sorry to say that your marimo has already said 'goodbye'. Please give them more love and care to avoid this from happening.

How long can marimo last without water if my seller courriers it to me without water? Will it die during the shipment?
With proper handling and packaging, marimo can last for 4 weeks in the package without water.

How large can a marimo grow?
Marimo never stop growing. However, the growing rate is very slow; about 5mm per year. During the growing process, there will be tiny fur growing around the marimo. Kindly massage and rub the marimo into a neat, round form when you perform the water changing process.

Why does my marimo float/sink? Is this normal?
Yes, this is a very normal situation. Most of the time, your marimo will then perform photosynthesis. A large amount of oxygen bubbles inside the marimo will assist it to float up. On the other hand, your marimo might create to much bubbles surrounding it and it becomes heavy. Thus, it sinks.

Will marimo reproduce? Can I split it into half in order to reproduce them?
NO! Dont kill your marimo! you must not split them into half! There is no guarantee of the survival of your marimo. However, if it naturally splits into half, take your marimo out and rub them back into a round shape. Marimo reproduces naturally through division. Sometimes, you will see a lump growing out of your marimo. Congratulations! this is the baby marimo.

How can I boost the growth of my marimo?
Coral stone and crystal stone will assist the growth of your marimo as these stone will purify the water.

My room temperature is very high, will it affect my marimo?
Marimo can sustain it's life within temperature of 12-35 degrees celcius. In the case when your room temperature is very high, you can drop some ice cubes into the water or put your marimo in a bottle filled with water into the fridge for 24-48 hours. You can repeat this step once a month to boost the growth of your marimo.

Will marimo get sick?
Yes, marimo will get sick, just like human beings. You will see some yellowish or whitish dirt sticking on your marimo. If your marimo is sick, don't worry, take your marimo out and gently wash and rub it. Add a small amount of salt (5% of your water volume) into the container where it lives. It will help to recover your marimo.

Can I seal/cover my marimo inside a bottle?
Yes, you can. (I kept marimo in a bottle) This is a good practice if you are putting your marimo inside a bottle without any other living creature to avoid water pollution and mosquito issues. However, you must perform frequent water changes to provide your marimo with fresh and clean water.

What is marimo's average lifespan?
The world largest marimo is about 95cm. As marimo grows around 5mm per year; after calculation, the largest marimo in the world is about 200 years old. Therefore, the life span of a marimo is very long.